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About The Spot Gourmet

August 5, 2009

When Patty Fallahee and Sid Burgess first decided they wanted to create a catering company, they did so with a vision. They knew the recipe for success would have many ingredients. The food must be fresh, flavorful, and inventive and rival any top-tier restaurant. The service must be attentive, seamless, and professional from the delivery person to the servers. And the budget must be reasonable because, creating a memorable event shouldn’t leave a lasting impression on your wallet. And the experience should be stress-free for the host so they can focus on their guests or their presentation.

Patty and Sid are expanding that vision further to meet all the culinary needs of their clients with “Casual Catering”. So, now, there are easy options to make that cocktail party, conference or birthday bash a smash success with a just a click. Knowing how busy people are these days, Casual Catering also brings healthy, gourmet meals to your fridge and freezer.

The Spot Gourmet is based in Glendale, CA but serves the entire Los Angeles area from Pasadena to the Palisades making events unique and memorable with their inspired menus and personal touch.